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Speak to a Mortgage Adviser

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Choosing the right mortgage for you.

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, your third home, investing in a property, or in need of a larger loan, Fitch & Fitch is dedicated to finding the right mortgage for you. Our advisers, with their comprehensive access to the whole market, are skilled in tailoring solutions to fit your unique needs. Explore the full range of mortgage products we offer and discover how we can assist you in securing the ideal mortgage.

Residential Mortgages

Are you purchasing your first home, advancing the property ladder, or approaching retirement? Assisting someone in their home purchase or investing in a second property? At Fitch & Fitch, we prioritise understanding your specific needs. Indeed, our mortgage recommendations are as unique as our clients themselves.

Buy to Let Mortgages

For many, purchasing a second property is a strategic investment decision. The rental income can serve as a valuable supplement to your current salary. In fact, for many landlords, this becomes their primary income source.

Specialist Mortgages

Specialist mortgages may be a viable alternative for individuals who cannot secure a mortgage through traditional high-street lenders. There are numerous instances where the customary mortgage application process seems overly intricate, mainly if you’ve been denied lending and are still determining why.

Later Life Lending

Numerous reasons may prompt someone nearing retirement to seek a new mortgage. Later life lending, a term typically associated with individuals over the age of 55, offers several borrowing options designed for this demographic.

Are you looking for a new mortgage?

If you’re seeking more information or need further assistance about your mortgage needs, contact Fitch & Fitch. Our team of experts is readily available to provide personalised advice and solutions, guiding you through every step of your mortgage journey. Make your property dreams come true by contacting us today.

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