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We are growing a forest

We are proud to announce Fitch & Fitch has partnered with More:Trees to do our bit to tackle climate change by ensuring a tree is planted every time we help a client with a purchase or remortgage.

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What is an eco-friendly mortgage?

Green Mortgages

This describes the kind of deal that offers rewards for people who are purchasing energy-efficient properties, such as those with Energy Efficiency Certificates with a rating of A or B.

Green Home Improvements

Green home improvements could enable you to obtain a discounted interest rate or cashback on any money you borrow to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency.

Energy Performance Certificate

An energy performance certificate (EPC) is a document which indicates how energy efficient a property is. You can check your EPC rating using the Government EPC Register Search.


Offsetting Projects

Talk to us today to keep your mortgage carbon footprint to a minimum

Green mortgages are an exciting and growing part of the mortgage market, offering homeowners an opportunity to be kinder to the planet while potentially securing reduced fees or cashback if their home is energy efficient.

We have been tracking the growth of the green finance sector, as more lenders look to offer incentives to those with energy-efficient properties or a readiness to make eco-friendly home improvements. If you would like to discuss securing a mortgage that’s kinder to the planet, please get in touch with one of our green finance experts.