Specialist mortgages

We specialise in delivering expert solutions for complex mortgages.

Specialist mortgages

Whether you’re looking to fund your next development project, seeking commercial finance for your business, or require a fast, short-term bridging loan, our award-winning specialist finance advisers will secure the ideal funding solution to get your deal across the line. We achieve this speedily and efficiently, and at market-leading rates.

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is a short-term loan designed to ‘bridge the gap’ when you’re making a purchase but still awaiting another asset’s sale. This type of financing is often utilised by individuals planning to buy a new home before selling their existing one. It is an effective tool for landlords, homeowners, and property investors, aiding in property acquisition, development, and Buy-to-Let investments.

Development Finance

Property development finance is a short-term funding mechanism that propels the construction or renovation of residential and commercial properties. This broad category encompasses term loans, mortgages, and mezzanine finance. Whether you’re embarking on a new build from scratch, undertaking conversions, or refurbishing existing properties, development finance could be a suitable option.

Commercial Finance

Commercial finance is a term that encompasses a broad spectrum of business finance products. These products, provided by entities outside your business, offer both short-term and long-term financial solutions. This wide array of options caters to various business needs, helping you overcome obstacles and achieve your growth plans.

Self-Build Mortgages

Are you considering designing and developing your own home? A self-build mortgage could be precisely what you need. Unlike traditional mortgages, a self-build mortgage provides funds in stages, either in arrears or advance, as your dream home takes shape. At Fitch & Fitch, we can recommend various mortgage types to suit your unique project requirements and personal circumstances.

Later Life Lending

Retirement is a phase of life that often prompts a re-evaluation of financial strategies, and for many, this includes exploring new mortgage options. Perhaps you’re keen on clearing your existing mortgage debts, considering equity release to enhance your lifestyle or support loved ones, or contemplating a home relocation. This is where later life lending can offer a viable solution.

Green Mortgages

The property market is evolving, and many lenders are now incentivising homeowners who purchase energy-efficient homes or make eco-friendly upgrades to their current property. If you’re considering buying an environmentally friendly home or making energy-saving changes to your existing one, a green mortgage could provide significant benefits, including cashback options and lower mortgage rates.

Need Assistance?

Fitch & Fitch are experts in helping clients with complex needs achieve their goals. Whether you would like to make a finance enquiry or simply have a question about our services, we’re on hand to help.