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Investment Banker Mortgages at Fitch & Fitch

At Fitch & Fitch, we know that investment bankers face complex financial situations. Firstly, their pay consists of a basic salary. Additionally, they often receive bonuses and, in some cases, stock options.

Moreover, new laws and changes in banker bonuses have made it more challenging to obtain a mortgage. To overcome this hurdle, you must show a steady income from bonuses and stocks, which can often change.

Unique mortgage challenges for investment bankers

Investment bankers’ incomes can vary, complicating securing mortgage approval. Moreover, regular banks might be reluctant to give mortgages to those with changing incomes. They might not fully recognise how much investment bankers can earn, especially when starting their careers in financial services.

Case Study 1: Securing an 85% LTV (Loan-To-Value) mortgage for an Investment Banking Professional

Fitch & Fitch assisted an investment banking managing director with a complex income. This included salary, allowances, bonuses, and stock in US Dollars and Pounds.

The Challenge

The challenge was finding a mortgage lender who would consider his entire income for the loan. This hurdle was because his salary comprised only a tiny portion of his total earnings.

The Solution

Fitch & Fitch worked with a Private Bank experienced in handling high net worth individuals with complicated incomes. This partnership helped thoroughly review the client's various income types. We arranged an 85% loan-to-value (LTV) mortgage with a greater deal of flexibility payment options for the first three years. This approach suited the client's irregular income pattern and helped him purchase his desired home.

This example shows Fitch & Fitch’s creative lending and understanding of personal needs in investment banking.

Case Study 2: Securing a 90% LTV on a £3m Loan for a Top Banking Executive

A high-net-worth client who had recently returned to the UK after working abroad. Despite a strong professional track record in banking, the client had just commenced a role with a new organisation.

The Challenge

The client wanted a mortgage covering 90% of the property's value, a task that is usually complex. However, it's achievable for wealthy individuals under certain conditions. The challenge was that most of the client's wealth was in hard-to-sell assets like pensions, art, and collectables. Also, the client couldn't show proof of future bonuses because of a recent job switch.

The Solution

Fitch & Fitch used its experience with wealthy clients to work with the lender and examine the client's financial situation. By considering the guaranteed shares the client got from their job, we could determine if they could afford the loan.

Moreover, we arranged a 15-year mortgage with two parts and early payments for the first two years to address the client's high LTV request. Then, we timed these payments to match when the client's shares became available, which helped lower the LTV gradually.

How Fitch & Fitch Assist Investment Bankers in securing a mortgage

At Fitch & Fitch, we know bankers’ incomes from bonuses and shares complicate mortgage applications. Therefore, we work with flexible lenders who are familiar with these unique financial situations.

Our strong relationships help us secure better rates and values than traditional banks by considering your entire income. In short, we strive to provide suitable mortgage solutions by recognising your full financial potential. As a result, we amplify your purchasing power within the mortgage market.

Maximising your borrowing potential

Our connections with specialist lenders help us obtain more suitable deals for our clients. Looking at past bonuses and potential earnings, we secure more favourable loans than usual banks.

Furthermore, we use your entire income structure, including unvested stocks and bonuses, to increase how much you can borrow. With access to various lenders, we can consider your bonus income for loans, depending on your bonus history. We often arrange larger loans with high value relative to the loan, sometimes using up to five times your salary.

Is it possible to use a signing-on bonus or vested stock?

We include various elements such as bonuses, cash, and stocks to help qualify you for a mortgage. Our lenders accept these incomes, even from past jobs or outside the UK, adjusting for foreign currency risks. Our team secures large loans, often up to five times your salary, including for those with additional income.

Also, at Fitch & Fitch, we excel at obtaining large mortgages for clients with large bonuses or US Dollar earnings. This highlights our skill in managing various income sources effectively.

Q&A: Mortgage Solutions for Investment Bankers

Q1: Can I leverage a bonus or other optional income when applying for a mortgage?

A: The short answer is yes, you you leverage a bonus or other optional income when applying for a mortgage. Indeed, we understand that standard lenders often overlook the complex incomes of investment bankers, including bonuses and profits.

At Fitch & Fitch, we fully understand and look at the whole picture, including average bonuses and stock from recent years. This way, we can offer higher loans and income multiples than usual lenders. As a result, helping clients who often get 30-40% of their pay in non-cash forms.

Q2: How does a bespoke mortgage benefit you in managing your repayments?

A: We design our mortgages to match your financial needs and future financial plans directly, actively improving your cash management. We offer flexible payment options, letting you pay more to reduce your mortgage quickly. As a result, your mortgage will fit better with your lifestyle and financial aims.

Q3: How can I leverage the value of my investments without selling down assets?

A: You can get a loan based on your investment portfolio's value, offering a fast way to access funds. Additionally, this avoids the need to sell assets and possibly incur taxes. This approach allows you to maintain your investment positions while accessing the funds you need for other purposes.

Q4: How much deposit do investment bankers require?

A: Banks often demand a larger deposit of up to 40% to offer the best rates. However, at Fitch & Fitch, we provide mortgages for investment bankers starting at £500,000+ with just a 10% deposit. This flexibility ensures that you can access substantial mortgage products without the prerequisite of a large upfront investment.

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