High Net worth Mortgage

Fitch & Fitch is a specialist in High Net Worth mortgages.

Whether this is on a residential, investment or commercial property, Fitch & Fitch has extensive knowledge and contacts within the High Net Worth mortgage arena. We understand that in this market, extremely high levels of service and discretion are required.

We have developed close contacts with several of the main private banks who take a “blank sheet of paper” approach to underwriting, treating each client very separately and thus designing a product specific to your individual needs. This often results in products that are significantly better than those available on the wider market.

High Net Worth mortgages can be arranged through various international jurisdictions, whether the Channel Islands, BVI or any other location that is required. Complex trust structures can also be catered for.

The essential point is that however you wish to structure your mortgage, offshore, through a limited company or trust, in sterling or in another currency, we are able to assist.

Fitch & Fitch is an award winning Canary Wharf mortgage broker, contact us now for the best terms we can negotiate on your behalf.​