Critical illness cover

Securing your future at a time you need it most

Ensuring the right protection with critical illness cover

Critical illness cover is designed to alleviate financial stress during challenging times of health concerns, allowing you to concentrate on recovery. The payout from this cover can be used for a variety of purposes: covering daily living expenses, funding medical treatment, adapting your home for medical needs, or even supporting loved ones who may need to pause work to provide care. This cover activates upon the diagnosis of a specified serious illness, with cancer, heart attack, and stroke being the primary conditions covered, among others.

A significant feature of many policies is the inclusion of children’s cover. In the event of your child being diagnosed with a serious illness, you would receive a lump sum, providing essential support for treatment or family care during such a difficult period. It’s important to note that coverage varies significantly among insurance providers. Thus, the cheapest option may not always represent the best value. Your adviser at Fitch & Fitch can assist in identifying the most suitable cover for your specific situation.

Who should consider critical illness cover?

Critical illness cover is a key consideration if:

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