Contents insurance

Insurance cover for your precious belongings?

Valuing your personal possessions with expertise

Assessing the true value of personal possessions is a challenge for many, often leading to underinsurance—a fact that becomes painfully apparent only when making a claim. At Fitch & Fitch, our brokers dedicate time to thoroughly understand your unique situation, ensuring comprehensive coverage. We delve into the specifics of what matters most to you, aiming to source a policy that perfectly aligns with your needs.

The difficulty in accurately valuing possessions, such as precious metals, gems, or family heirlooms, contributes to common underinsurance issues. Recognising this, Fitch & Fitch has cultivated relationships with industry contacts capable of providing precise valuations. This approach offers the reassurance that the worth of your collections is well-documented and indisputable.

Our close collaboration with underwriters is key to articulating your specific requirements and ensuring the proposed policy is not just suitable but practical, free from unrealistic demands. Our pragmatic approach is mirrored in our choice of insurers, fostering a harmonious relationship that benefits all parties involved. This careful, client-focused process ensures that your valued possessions are protected accurately and adequately.

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