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Buy-to-Let mortgages

We can assist you in arranging a Buy-to-Let mortgage, whether you’re a first-time investor or an experienced landlord with an extensive property portfolio. With goals ranging from rental income to capital growth, our access to a broad spectrum of lenders ensures we find the buy-to-let mortgage deal that best suits your needs.

Since 2007, the Buy-to-Let sector has undergone numerous regulatory changes. These shifts have significantly altered the landscape of funding availability, creating a stark contrast with the conditions of the past. In today’s complex market, sourcing the ideal lender whether in a limited company or personal names with the most favourable terms can be daunting without specialist expertise.

At Fitch & Fitch, we have successfully assisted thousands of clients in securing their Buy-to-Let mortgages. Our team of experienced advisers has access to a wide range of Buy-to-Let mortgage options, as well as many deals that are only available to brokers, so you can rest assured that you will get the right loan for your circumstances.

Buy-to-Let Mortgage Purchase

Buy-to-Let mortgages are designed for individuals who aspire to become landlords and invest in properties to rent out. These mortgages have specific rules and conditions that differentiate them from regular residential mortgages. If you’re contemplating utilising your property for rental purposes and require financing, you will need a Buy-to-Let mortgage.

Buy-to-Let Remortgage

Switching to a new mortgage on a property you rent out, often termed as remortgaging a Buy-to-Let, could involve transitioning to a different lender or remaining with your existing lender under a new deal (also known as a product transfer). There are various reasons to consider this strategic move.


British expatriates residing and working in foreign countries may want to invest in property in their home country for rental income or to maintain an existing property. While securing a Buy to Let mortgage as a non-resident is more complex than it would be for a UK resident, it is certainly achievable, even if you’ve experienced rejection from your current lender.

Portfolio Landlords

A portfolio landlord typically has four or more properties under a mortgage, either privately or through a limited company. The rental income from this diverse array of properties can also provide a safety net against vacancy periods. As a portfolio landlord, you can leverage your existing properties to raise funds for additional purchases.

Need Assistance?

Fitch & Fitch are experts in helping buy-to-let clients with their goals. Whether you would like to make a finance enquiry or simply have a question about our services, we’re on hand to help.