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Buildings insurance

For most individuals, whether first-time buyers or long-term homeowners, a home represents their most significant asset. Thus, professional advice is crucial to ensure it’s adequately protected.

For those obtaining a mortgage on a freehold property, lenders typically require buildings insurance to safeguard their financial interest. However, building insurance is vital for all homeowners, not just those with a mortgage. It provides essential financial support to rebuild or restore your home in cases of severe damage or destruction, such as from a fire.

Many homes are underinsured due to a lack of specialist advice, leading to inadequate coverage. This is where Fitch & Fitch, with our team of expert insurance brokers, becomes invaluable. We provide personalised guidance for the right buildings cover to suit your unique needs, leveraging our extensive knowledge across different property types – from primary residences to buy-to-let properties and second homes.

Additionally, we offer expert advice for specialised situations like unoccupied homes or properties undergoing renovation. Utilising a broker for these complex cases ensures that you receive comprehensive and clear advice. With Fitch & Fitch, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands, receiving expert guidance every step of the way.

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